Get Results

Use Paige's proven techniques to finally
achieve your goals.

Start with an Evaluation

Complete a comprehensive evaluation online at the start of the course to determine your level and get your personalized course syllabus.

Track Your Progress

You'll have a pre-course and post-course assessment

Visual Materials

Get visual support through worksheets on Google docs

Record your Lessons

We will use the Zoom platform online for our classes where you can easily record your lessons and store them on your computer


You'll get daily homework as well as a weekly assignment to send to Paige so she can check your progress.

Audio Program

Students get a repeat-after-me audio program to practice with at home

Accent Reduction

Accent reduction sessions tailored to each individual's needs. Diagrams, worksheets, a repeat-after-me audio program, instant feedback, and live coaching.

Your coach

Paige Keane is an accent guru and motivational speech coach who’s helped countless people transform their personal and professional lives via her one-on-one coaching sessions. 

Client Reviews


Interesting, fun, and useful classes as always. Paige is a very passionate and energetic teacher. I wish I had met her earlier!



She opens your eyes (and ears) not only to the beauty of the language but also to the beauty of yourself.



Clear explanations of complex matters, useful but unobtrusive comments. Inspiration, enthusiasm, and a lot of learning advice.


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