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Accent Reduction coaching for extraordinary foreign professionals

"It is the one of the luckiest things that I had in this year to meet Paige. I thought my spoken English sounded good enough but I realized that I had pronounced in a wrong way even if it is a really easy word! Paige is a natural-born teacher and professional. And the materials she prepared for me are just wonderful. You can expect the results when you are with Paige."
Minji Choe
From Korea | Medical Student
"Paige is a great teacher, supportive and creative, her lessons are always interesting and well-structured. Great sense of humor and lessons are never boring. Paige is a seasoned teacher, and I feel like she has a lot of experience. I definitely feel an improvement with my English after her classes. I can totally recommend Paige if you want to improve your language skills. "
From Ukraine | System Anaylist at EPAM Systems

Are you an extraordinary foreign professional? You're in the right place.

I am the Accent Reduction coach for extraordinary foreign professionals who always strive to achieve their personal best. I understand that we are always in competition with ourselves, and that true happiness in life comes from growing and overcoming obstacles.

Interesting, fun, and useful classes as always. Paige is a very passionate and energetic teacher. I wish I had met her earlier!
From China | Professional Translator
She opens your eyes (and ears) not only to the beauty of the language but also to the beauty of yourself.
From Germany | Policy Adviser
Clear explanations of complex matters, useful but unobtrusive comments. Inspiration, enthusiasm, and a lot of learning advice.
From Russia | Programmer

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